An afternoon of teacher's workshops with Rebecca Convey


Open to all certified Pilates Instructors from all methods and systems.

2 November 2019


12:00 - 14:00: Classical Mat for Teachers

This workshop will explore the core principles of Pilates in relation to the Classical Mat. How can we use the core principles to inpire and challenge our clients while maintaining strong Pilates technique? The mat work is only 1 part of the Pilates system, however it is very important and when used correctly, with the right intention, it can truly be powerful in changing our clients bodies and improving their physical health. (£70)

Suitable for Mat Only and Full Comprehensively Trained Teachers


14:00 - 16:30 Best Foot Forward!!!

This workshop will look in depth at the Foot and its importance in achieving and maintaining strong Pilates technique. We will look at how the foot relates to the rest of the body and explore the Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector and of course Footwork - in all its glory! This workshop is designed to give you practical tools to help you understand the foot; and, how giving it more attention and understanding its importance will help you to change very fundamental issues and problems elsewhere in the body. (£90)

Suitable for Teachers Fully Certified on the Equipment

Functional Anatomy of Movement with James Earls


Due to Popular Demand 

James will be offering this workshop series again in Autumn 2020

Email us to register your interest- places will go very quickly!

A series of 5 workshops at Kinetic Pilates.

 Foot and Function



Rib Cage and Breath

May - Shoulders


Each workshop will have a maximum of 16 people.

Priority goes to those booking the whole series

Open to all Movement Teachers and Apprentices (Pilates, Yoga, Dance, PT, etc.)


Each workshop will be supported with home exploration exercises and direct mentoring from James post workshop.




9:30-10:00 - Feedback and discussion of last workshop (exploring questions and clarifying)

10:00-16:30 - Workshop


1 workshop £180

2 workshops £340 (£170 each)

3 workshops £480 (£160 each)

4 workshops £600 (£150 each)

5 workshops £700 (£140 each)

Workshop Focus: Functional Anatomy of Movement

Would you like to understand exercise and movement from a deeper perspective?

Would you like to approach cueing and exercise prescription with even more clarity?

This series of workshops will explore the connection between anatomy and movement in ways that are accessible, applicable and empowering.

We will constantly refer back to how and why.

For example - Why does the foot pronate and how does it return to supination? How are the breath and spine connected? Why should I address someone's shoulder for a knee problem? Why is everyone talking about the Psoas? Where is it and what does it do? And, most importantly, how does the body work together as an interrelated unit? All of these questions and more (many more!) will be answered over the five workshops.


Whether you have learned traditional anatomy or not studied anatomy at all, this series is for you. The true function of each anatomical area is broken down with clarity and with practical examples, combining theory with real-life movement.

Each workshop will be supported by preliminary reading to help you get prepared and post exploratory exercises to help you consolidate the information learned. James Earls (author of 'Born to Walk' and co-author of 'Fascial Release for Structural Balance') will be available during the series for questions and feedback to help clarify any hazy areas in your understanding of how the body moves. Each workshop will include postural analysis, movement explorations, touch cueing skills, plus a healthy, tasty lunch!

About James 

James Earls has worked closely with Thomas Myers and together they founded Kinesis UK, which co-ordinates Anatomy Trains and Kinesis Myofascial Integration training throughout Europe. Based in the United Kingdom (UK), James Earls is a writer, lecturer and bodyworker, specialising in Myofascial Release and Structural Integration. In recent years he has concentrated on blending movement with manual therapy to create a new approach, ‘Active Fascial Release’.

James is in high demand around the world presenting his work.


t: +44 (0) 7889146857             

4 - 6 Ossian Mews, London N4 4DT

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