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For entry into the Romana's Pilates Instructor Training Programme at Kinetic Pilates.


Romana's Pilates has very strict, requirements for entry into the programme.  Students must be formally assessed by a Romana's Pilates teacher trainer demonstrating proficiency at the intermediate level (at a minimum). Candidates must be able to complete the Intermediate Reformer, and Intermediate Mat on their own in 55 mins. They must show a strong understanding of the order and reps of exercises, mechanism (set up of springs, foot bar, headpiece, box etc), dynamics, flow and show the development of appropriate technique. Preparation for the formal assessment usually requires a minimum of 75 sessions with a Romana's Pilates instructor.


We understand that 75 sessions is not always possible, especially if there is not a Romana's Pilates certified teacher near you. Therefore, to help candidates prepare for their assessment we offer Pre-Requisite Workshops.


These workshops are designed to help prepare and understand the entry requirements and to get you ready for assessment. We give candidates detailed feedback and 'homework' to help them improve and prepare for their assessment and ultimately the programme. The workshops offer cost effective, in-depth work with detailed feedback and support.


Workshops will be held at Kinetic Pilates and will be run by Rebecca Convey (Romana's Pilates Instructor Trainer) or a member of the Kinetic Pilates Team.


We offer 2-3 workshops in the lead up to the start date of the programme. Interested candidates are encouraged to take all workshops, although they can be taken individually


Applicants will be expected to have come for a private session with Rebecca before they are invited to apply for the Pre-Requisite Workshops.


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For entry into the Romana's Pilates Instructor Training Programme at Kinetic Pialtes.

There are currently no scheduled workshops.

 Contact us to apply for a place in upcoming workshops

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